Why I do this

When I was fifteen I got pregnant for the first time. I wasn't pregnant long before I lost the baby, I named the baby Feodora Laurent, I had a feeling the baby was a little girl so she became my daughter. I grieved Feo completely on my own my fiance didn't know about our daughter tell she had already been gone for a year. At sixteen I got pregnant with our second child, Serenity Grace, I turned seventeen while I was pregnant. Serenity was stillborn when I was thirty weeks and four days pregnant. Over Christmas this year I got pregnant again, I lost the baby at three weeks and five days pregnant. We felt the baby was a little boy, we named him Sterling Snow. My fiance also has an angel baby boy from before he was with me named Devon James.

This blog exists because after Serenity's birth, I realized that there were people out there that were willing to help me grieve, that there were people out there willing to help me remember my daughter. It made me so happy to get all these pictures with my daughters name on it. I decided to give back to those that made these beautiful memorials for my little girls, and my stepson. Names in the Clouds is Serenity's project, though I never really though of it that way until now.

Since we lost Sterling I haven been able to get the thought of making more different pictures out of my head so I came up with his Picture Project, it has five pictures in it most of them also have little poems on them. Seeing these pictures when I was finished making them for Sterling I decided to offer them for the rest of you as well, as it helps me heal and get threw this, I also hopes these pictures help you heal.