November 28, 2011

A little about what's going on.

Today it is November 28th, I have been writing a novel this month and I have almost finished it I have a few more chapters to go and then I will be done. I will defiantly be posting about my book when I get done with it and start editing, my book is the first of two or three books, it is called "In the Presence of Hope" the second one will be "In the Absence of Hope" and if there is a third it bad a similar title. Also, I will be changing the amount of pictures I am doing, I will be closing all requests and then doing all of my backed up pictures then I will be only reopening a few so I can focus more on school and my writing.

Also I'm sure you've noticed the add on the side of the blog, it is so that I can get some extra cash, you defiantly don't have to click on it, I would love for you to click on it but it's by no means a requirement. my video's on youtube will have them too so hopefully I can get a few extra bucks. Again don't click on anything if you don't want too, I'm not a pushy person.